Interesting Matchups During the 2006 NFL Season (Part I)

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Week One

New Orleans at Cleveland

The launching of Reggie Bush and the new-look Saints was happening in Ohio against a group several felt can be a shock in the NFL that year. QB Brees and coach Payton joined Bush in attempting to overtake Crennel’s new and improved Browns.

San Diego at Oakland

The debut of both San Diego QB Philip Rivers and Raiders coach Art Shell occurred on the very first week of the spruced-up edition of Monday Night Football. Shell wanted to take the Raiders back to prestige with a skilled roster, and Rivers was seeking to take the Chargers as far as he could. If Rivers stepped up and performed, the Chargers would be a threat, yet playing flawlessly on Monday Night Football wasn’t an easy task.

Week Three

Denver at New England

The Patriots had an opportunity to get retribution against the Broncos on Sunday evening after Denver ended New England’s run for the Super Bowl title in the 2005 NFL playoffs. The Broncos had included pieces to their roster, consisting of WR Javon Pedestrian, however, you could have wagered that Tom Brady and the Pats haven’t forgotten just what happened in Denver in January.

Week Five

Washington at the New York Giants

LaVar Arrington paid the Redskins over $4 million to become a free agent and afterwards he rejected what was supposedly a greater deal from the Green Bay Packers to play for the New York Giants. Arrington wanted two cracks at his old team each season, and he absolutely wanted to be seen in a game like this. Arrington was a horror on the field, and fans got an epic fight in the Meadowlands in week 5.

Dallas at Philadelphia

Week 5 was all about the NFC East, as the other 2 groups in the division was certainly in just what already was one of the most awaited games of the season. The infamous Terrell Owens was thought by numerous in Philly to be the main reason that the team’s 2005 season was a calamity. The Eagles rid themselves of who they considered to be a cancer, and afterwards that cancer signed with a bitter division opponent. Owens made sure to be welcomed back to Philly in a way that could only be done in the City of Brotherly Love, but did the poison existing in the stands cause Owens to diminish under the microscope or to increase to the celebration?

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