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A Look Back at 2006…

The 2006 Tennessee Titans season was the 47th season overall and 37th in the league. The season began with the team trying to improve on their 4–12 record in 2005 and improved to 8-8, but missed the playoffs for the third consecutive season until the 2007 season to the dismay of the loyal season ticket holders like the owners of Sherwood Park Carpet Cleaning company.

Below is a brief overview of the 2006 season of the Titans.

Week 1: vs. New York Jets
The Titans lost their match with the New York Jets making them start their season 0-1.

Week 2: at San Diego Chargers
The Titans also lost this match and fell further to 0-2

Week 3: at Miami Dolphins
The Titans further went down to 0-3 as they lost to Miami Dolphin

Week 4: vs. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys moved to 2 and 1 while the Titans continued to losing streak dropping to 0–4.

Week 5: at Indianapolis Colts
The loss pushed the Titans further in the dungeon of failure to 0-5

Week 6: at Washington Redskins
The Titans began rewriting their story with this win 1-5

Week 8: vs. Houston Texans
With a strong emphasis, Titans showed their strength with the win 2-5

Week 9: at Jacksonville Jaguars
There they go again, the Titans’ strength failed them to 2-6

Week 10: vs. Baltimore Ravens
The Baltimore Ravens thrashed the Titans to make them fall to 2-7

Week 11: at Philadelphia Eagles
This time, the Titans disciplined the Philadelphia Eagles to make up to 3-7

Week 12: vs. New York Giants – With the win, the Titans improved to 4–7
It looked like the Titans took strength pills as they showed their superiority over the New York Giants to 4-7

Week 13: vs. Indianapolis Colts – Tennessee improved to 5–7.
The Titans take a step further in the bid to show their superiority as they beat the Indianapolis Colts to their heels to 5-7

Week 14: at Houston Texans
With this, the Titans attain the eligibility for the wildcard playoff berth as they took the HoustonTexans to a disdainful retreat to get 6-7

Week 15: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars with a final score of 24-17reveals the Titans are themselves a mark of excellence as they get to 7-7

Week 16: at Buffalo Bills
The Titans at it again as they narrowly won the Buffalo Bills with the score line of 30-29 to get to 8-7

Week 17: vs. New England Patriots

Sadly, the Titans were sent packing by the England Patriots after losing to them at 40-23 to end the season with 8-8

Although the Titans put in major effort in this season, they still ended up with a loss at the end.

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Tennessee Football Tickets Over the Years

Tennessee football tickets have actually been a hot item for decades, and this long-time force in the SEC had taken considerable advances in the 1990’s with numerous prominent employees and a championship game. The fervor for the Volunteers was at an all-time high, as well as Coach Phillip Fullmer was seemingly ushering in an age of historic prominence. They were so hot and blowing so high, it was thought that an Edmonton roofing company was  going to have to be called to put a roof on the stadium.

Nonetheless, points have not gone precisely as “prepared,” and Tennessee might have struck its high point a couple of years earlier. We’ll take a look in his article to see if that is the case, and if so, why these assumptions have actually not been satisfied.

The Volunteers really struck the nationwide limelight in the mid-1990’s, when they let one of the most valued recruit to come along in some time, a QB named Peyton Manning. Manning helped bring a program from the condition of “affordable also-ran” to SEC challenger, and they won a great deal of games with Manning. Manning’s visibility also resulted in several other high-profile employees determining to play in Knoxville, and Tennessee’s profile improved significantly.

However, Manning’s teams could never ever win their greatest game, which always went to Spurrier’s Florida Gators. Manning made a track record as a “big game choker” because of these losses to Florida, however the big outcome was that Tennessee was once more on the map after years of irrelevance.

The year after Manning’s graduation, an unknown QB, Tee Martin, led the Volunteers to an unlikely championship game, and that essentially provided Fullmer the distinction of having actually developed an overall program as opposed to simply a group that had one excellent player for a couple of years. Tennessee football tickets became even more difficult to locate and expectations skyrocketed.

Because of that enchanting period, Tennessee has struggled, although that is a loved one term. Tennessee has had periods that included a number of losses, and the followers and alumni were starting to take notice and end up being disgruntled. Their 2005 period was nothing except a catastrophe, as the Volunteers finished 5-6 and did not reach a championship game for the first time in more than 20 years.

In 2006, Tennessee had actually been placed in the top 15, however their place in the BCS was inconceivable.

It shows up that Tennessee sits at a crossroads. Probably they bottomed out in 2005, and they’re currently climbing up back up the ladder. Possibly this is just one more season of slowness, where several believed they might’ve been a dynasty. It’s most likely going to take an additional football season or more to figure that out, however one thing is without a doubt – Tennessee football tickets will constantly come complete with potential dramatization.

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Interesting Matchups During the 2006 NFL Season (Part II)

Week Eight

Dallas at Carolina

2 teams thought to be in serious competition for the NFC title during this time were the Cowboys and Panthers, and this game might properly be an NFC National championship preview. The Panthers included their own sometimes-controversial WR in Keyshawn Johnson, whose last team was the Cowboys. Johnson was no question inspired to reveal to the Cowboys that they had slipped up, yet a lot more was on the line in this game.

Week Nine

Denver at Pittsburgh

Although every football season varies, one would certainly be stretching it to firmly insist that the Broncos didn’t have retribution on their minds when they took a trip to Pittsburgh to tackle the team that beat them in the AFC National championship in Denver in 2005. Granted, there are numerous locations much easier to get retribution compared to the home field of the world champions, however, this game might also mean a whole lot for playoff seeding, as both the Broncos and Steelers were anticipated to compete once more in 2006.

Week Eleven

Pittsburgh at Cleveland

Not just was this an intense intra-division rivalry, several believe that the Browns could legitimately get a playoff spot. The Dawg Pound certainly barked loudly when the Steelers attempted to stake a claim on the AFC North division in this late-season fight. This was just one of those games where records didn’t matter, but there was a lot more on the line than just satisfaction here.

Week Fourteen

Tennessee at Houston

Although many didn’t anticipate either of these teams to compete for the Super Bowl, the sub-plot was that Vince Young could have developed a must-see matchup in Texas. Texans followers originally wanted Houston native Vince Young to be the leading pick in the draft, however, the team stunned everybody by drafting Mario Williams. Titans owner Bud Adams still had the team that was once the Houston Oilers, and he could have been trotting out his team with the hometown hero behind it.

It doesn’t matter what team you rooted for in 2006, it all came down to the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning winning the 2007 Super Bowl.

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Interesting Matchups During the 2006 NFL Season (Part I)

Come back soon to read the second part of my article on the “Interesting Matchups of the 2006 NFL Season.”

Week One

New Orleans at Cleveland

The launching of Reggie Bush and the new-look Saints was happening in Ohio against a group several felt can be a shock in the NFL that year. QB Brees and coach Payton joined Bush in attempting to overtake Crennel’s new and improved Browns.

San Diego at Oakland

The debut of both San Diego QB Philip Rivers and Raiders coach Art Shell occurred on the very first week of the spruced-up edition of Monday Night Football. Shell wanted to take the Raiders back to prestige with a skilled roster, and Rivers was seeking to take the Chargers as far as he could. If Rivers stepped up and performed, the Chargers would be a threat, yet playing flawlessly on Monday Night Football wasn’t an easy task.

Week Three

Denver at New England

The Patriots had an opportunity to get retribution against the Broncos on Sunday evening after Denver ended New England’s run for the Super Bowl title in the 2005 NFL playoffs. The Broncos had included pieces to their roster, consisting of WR Javon Pedestrian, however, you could have wagered that Tom Brady and the Pats haven’t forgotten just what happened in Denver in January.

Week Five

Washington at the New York Giants

LaVar Arrington paid the Redskins over $4 million to become a free agent and afterwards he rejected what was supposedly a greater deal from the Green Bay Packers to play for the New York Giants. Arrington wanted two cracks at his old team each season, and he absolutely wanted to be seen in a game like this. Arrington was a horror on the field, and fans got an epic fight in the Meadowlands in week 5.

Dallas at Philadelphia

Week 5 was all about the NFC East, as the other 2 groups in the division was certainly in just what already was one of the most awaited games of the season. The infamous Terrell Owens was thought by numerous in Philly to be the main reason that the team’s 2005 season was a calamity. The Eagles rid themselves of who they considered to be a cancer, and afterwards that cancer signed with a bitter division opponent. Owens made sure to be welcomed back to Philly in a way that could only be done in the City of Brotherly Love, but did the poison existing in the stands cause Owens to diminish under the microscope or to increase to the celebration?

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