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Great NFL Rookies

In recent years, there were some truly extensive brand-new players drafted right into the NFL. 3 of those players are considered the very best rookies ever. This team included Reggie Bush, Matt Liner, and Vince Young. All three of these rookies played in the National Championship. The one player who actually stood apart was Vince Young, who played for the Tennessee Titans. In the beginning, Vince Young’s team wasn’t playing well. Then, towards the center of the first season, things began to turn around for The Tennessee Titans. This resulted from the fact that Vince Young played like a veteran.

One of those games was against the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans lagged in the game, and in the fourth quarter Indianapolis’s defense did what they always did, absolutely nothing. As any NFL fan knew, the Indianapolis Colt’s defense never played well at all. Anyway, this lack of defense allowed the Titans to earn a comeback and defeat them in the 4th quarter. That was not the only group that allowed the Titans to come back, either. The Giants had almost won, having defeated the Titans, and had the quarterback sacked for a loss. The rush let the quarterback go, and he ran all the way for a goal. They beat the Giants, which was in the fourth quarter also.

So, undoubtedly, a number of the rookie players who came right out of college are great players and had what it took to play well in the NFL. There are lots of reasons several rookies played so well when they first started in the NFL. One significant factor is since they are used to giving it all they had while in playing college football. They had to make every effort to do the best that they absolutely could in order to be seen by the NFL scouts and have a possibility to get drafted right into the NFL.

An additional reason they possibly played so well is due to the fact that they’re so young and energetic. Their bodies hadn’t been battered and beaten like NFL veteran players. They were thrilled about playing pro football rather than college, and the distinction in the income is astronomical. That alone would be enough to encourage anyone to do the best that they can at whatever their ability was. Lastly, it was just plain, old talent. Naturally these rookies were gifted, or they wouldn’t have actually been prepared in the first place.

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